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A Dreamy Wedding at Brittland Manor: Unveiling the Perfect Vendors

When it comes to planning a wedding, the vendors you choose play a vital role in creating the perfect atmosphere and bringing your dream day to life. A recent wedding at the stunning Brittland Manor showcased a remarkable collaboration of talented professionals, each contributing their unique touch to make the event truly magical. Join us as we delve into the world of love, beauty, and flawless execution, with Jenna Leigh Photography, East Made Co., Loblolly Farm, and a host of other incredible vendors.

Capturing Precious Moments: Jenna Leigh Photography
Every couple wants their wedding day to be beautifully preserved for eternity, and Jenna Leigh Photography certainly delivered. With an artistic eye and a keen sense of emotion, Jenna captured every intimate moment, creating a timeless collection of memories. From candid shots to breathtaking portraits, her expertise ensured that the couple's love story will be treasured forever.

The Enchanting Venue: Brittland Manor
Nestled amidst the serene countryside, Brittland Manor provided the perfect backdrop for this fairytale wedding. Its grandeur and natural beauty added an element of elegance and sophistication to the celebration. With its picturesque landscapes and charming architecture, the manor served as a breathtaking canvas for the couple's love-filled union.

Meticulous Planning & Design: East Made Co.
To orchestrate a flawless event, you need a team of professionals who are adept at weaving dreams into reality. East Made Co. took charge of planning and design, curating an experience that was both visually captivating and seamlessly executed. Their attention to detail ensured that every aspect of the wedding, from the table settings to the floral arrangements, reflected the couple's vision.

Blossoming Beauty: Loblolly Farm
Flowers have the remarkable ability to transform any space, and Loblolly Farm exceeded expectations with their exquisite floral creations. Their arrangements showcased a harmonious blend of colors and textures, infusing romance and charm into the atmosphere. Loblolly Farm's commitment to sustainability and their use of locally sourced blooms added an eco-conscious touch to the celebration.

Elegant Invitations: Minted
Setting the tone for the wedding, Minted's beautifully crafted invitations introduced guests to the couple's love story. Their range of designs, coupled with customizable options, allowed the couple to express their unique style and personality. Minted's attention to detail and commitment to quality ensured that the first impression of the wedding was one of elegance and sophistication.

Culinary Delights: Talk of Di Town II
No wedding is complete without delectable cuisine, and Talk of Di Town II delivered a culinary experience that tantalized the taste buds of every guest. From the mouthwatering appetizers to the exquisite main course, the catering team's expertise and attention to flavors delighted even the most discerning palates. Talk of Di Town II created a memorable dining experience that perfectly complemented the joyful celebration.

Stunning Hair and Makeup: DolledbyNueye and Flawless Beaute
The bride's beauty took center stage with the expert skills of DolledbyNueye and Flawless Beaute. DolledbyNueye crafted an exquisite hairstyle, perfectly complementing the bride's attire and personal style. Meanwhile, Flawless Beaute worked their magic, highlighting the bride's natural features and ensuring she radiated confidence and elegance throughout the day.

Elegance Personified: Bridal Beginning and Men's Wearhouse
The bride's attire, a breathtaking Pronovias gown from Bridal Beginning, exuded timeless elegance. The delicate lace details and impeccable tailoring made her the epitome of grace and beauty. Meanwhile, the groom and groomsmen looked dapper in their ensembles from Men's Wearhouse, epitomizing classic style and sophistication.

Melodies of Love: Two Rivers Chamber Music and DJ Max Powers
As the couple exchanged vows, the soul-stirring melodies performed by Two Rivers Chamber Music filled the air, creating an atmosphere of pure romance. The music seamlessly transitioned to the lively beats curated by DJ Max Powers during the reception, ensuring that the dance floor was never empty. The combination of live music and DJ expertise set the perfect mood for the celebration.

Effortless Transportation: Jor-Lin Tour & Charter
Jor-Lin Tour & Charter ensured that guests arrived at the venue in style and comfort. Their reliable and professional transportation services allowed everyone to relax and enjoy the day without the hassle of logistics. With their attention to detail and commitment to exceptional service, Jor-Lin Tour & Charter made sure that transportation was one less thing for the couple to worry about.

Preserving Memories: Olea Films
Olea Films beautifully documented the entire wedding day, capturing all the joy, love, and laughter on film. Their storytelling approach and cinematographic expertise turned the couple's journey into a cinematic masterpiece, allowing them to relive those precious moments for years to come.

Finishing Touches: Eastern Shore Tents and Events, Judith Browne Calligraphy, Frost 321, and Little Village Bakery Eastern Shore Tents and Events provided the elegant and functional rentals that transformed the venue into a dreamy space. Judith Browne Calligraphy added a touch of elegance with their beautifully crafted signage and paper goods. The Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Bar from Frost 321 delighted guests with its unique and refreshing treats, while the Donut Wall from Little Village Bakery satisfied everyone's sweet tooth.

The wedding at Brittland Manor was a testament to the power of collaboration and the dedication of talented vendors. From the mesmerizing photographs to the enchanting floral arrangements, every detail was meticulously planned and flawlessly executed. Thanks to the expertise of Jenna Leigh Photography, East Made Co., Loblolly Farm, and the other incredible vendors, the couple's dream wedding became a reality, leaving lasting memories for all who attended.

You can see more photos here: https://www.washingtonian.com/2020/07/08/travel-themed-wedding-brittland-manor/

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