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Wedding Day Tips

Wedding Day Tips

Delegate: Have a go to person that you rely on throughout your wedding day to relive you of any stress. This person can be a planner, day of coordinator, family member, or trusted friend.

Try to have your details laid out before the photographer arrives so that they can grab them quickly. Your photographer will likely want to photography your wedding dress, veil, shoes, rings, jewelry, invitations, gifts, and anything meaningful to you. Having all of this available immediately means more time for the photographer to capture all of those beautiful moments with your friends instead of searching for your items.

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Lighting: Lighting is very important for photography. Look for getting ready locations that have beautiful window light coming into the room. Ask your makeup artist if you can have your makeup done close to the window for better pictures.

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If great lighting isn't available, ensure that your wedding photographer has the skills and necessary equipment to create a similar light on their own.

Grab Bag: Create a grab bag a week before your wedding that includes all the day of emergency essentials, such as hair and clothing pins, tissues, aspirin, sewing thread and needle, water bottles, and more.

Clear the clutter: On the wedding day it's normal that the room will be cluttered with all the bags, food, glasses, and everything each bridal party member brings to the getting ready room. For the best images, please make sure that the area around the window light is free of clutter before the photographer arrives, giving them a nice, neat and clean space to work in with very little background clutter.

Consider a Veil: I think veils are very romantic and have lots of great photo uses. They are beautiful as backdrops for various detail shots, they can add elegance and give a bride something useful to do with her hands, and they are a great way to add dimension in any photo.

Schedule time for great photos: Great portraits take time so please ensure you are scheduling a 1-1.5 hour cocktail period in between your ceremony and reception for your guests to enjoy or a period of equal length before the ceremony if you are doing a first look. It's important to ensure that you're setting aside time for your photos so that I can create the magical images like you see in my portfolio.I ask for a minimum of 1.5 hours total for all portrait time to include family portraits, wedding party portraits, and couple portraits.

Make sure everybody is ready and knows where to be: One of the biggest obstacles for portrait session time running smoothly is when immediate family and wedding party members are not aware of when and where portrait time is occuring. Once these individuals disappear after a ceremony it's extremely difficult to locate everyone in a timely manner. Ensure that everybody involved knows when and where they need to be whether it is before or after the ceremony and that their timeless can make or break the photo timeline.

Ready for some night photos? If you love the night portraits you see on my website be ready for me to steal you guys away for at least 10-15 minutes during a lull in your reception. This is not only a great way for me to capture some gorgeous moments with you two, but it's also a fabulous way to relax and spend a few moments together alone in the midst of the chaos. Most of the moments you see in these photos are real because I'm capturing them enjoying this special and rare moment alone

Above all else please keep in mind that this is a guideline of suggestions and things I love and not something you absolutely need to follow. This is your wedding and it should adhere to your desires. That being said, if you need any assistance in creating your wedding day schedule please don't hesitate to ask. I have many years of experience assisting with wedding coordination and I am more than happy to help or direct you to the right person.

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