Life is all about people, moments & emotions that we want to hold onto.

As a mom of two very active children, I know that regardless of how much joy and love they bring into your lives, being a mom can sometimes feel overwhelming. Heck, some days I don't really go beyond putting on pajamas and throwing my hair into a bun. Booking and planning a family session can seem like a daunting extra step to an already busy calendar. But these are also the moments that you want to cherish and remember forever with photos that go beyond what you can capture yourself with your cell phone. Artful, professional photos that you can hang on your wall or which you can keep in an album that you can look back on when they are grown. This is truly a legacy for your family.

I'm here to help you through the process and make it as easy and stress fere as possible. From styling to location choice all the way to the artwork you choose to put on your walls.

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